Non-Trucking Liability (NTL) Coverage

Non-trucking Liability (NTL) coverage is trucker’s coverage provided to independent trucker’s who have a lease-agreement with a company which has a motor carrier authority. NTL is not the same as a primary commercial auto policy. Whereas the authorized motor carrier’s primary auto policy will cover all vehicles leased to the company with an agreement during regular business operations, the NTL policy is paid for and maintained by the independent trucker who is only covered for personal use of the vehicle while not under dispatch from the motor carrier with whom the trucker has a lease agreement with.

Why do I need this coverage?

In most cases, NTL is required by authorized motor carriers who actively allow independent truckers to lease their owned vehicle to the authorized motor carrier. This policy ensures that any liability or accidents that the independent owner of the vehicle is involved in outside of their dispatch, is not the responsibility of the authorized motor carrier’s primary liability policy. NTL provides the coverage for risk that would otherwise be the unnecessary responsibility of the authorized motor carrier. NTL should not be mistaken for “Bobtail Insurance”. Bobtail insurance is conventionally a lower-priced policy with limited coverage that is currently being phased out due to policy scope. Most lease agreements will require NTL.