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Technology And Compliance-Based Programs By Tobico Trucking Insurance Provides Affordable Insurance For The Long Haul

It all comes down to one thing: Data! ELD Data, Video Data, Telematics Data, Mileage Data. Insurance companies LOVE data. Whether it is your first time looking for trucking insurance or you are an experienced fleet owner or owner-operator that has retained trucking policies over years, insurance companies will need DATA to determine specifics and […]

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New Trucking Company Insurance Challenges

It can be extremely challenging for new owner-operators to secure the trucking insurance they need for their business operations. Trucking accidents can be costly for insurance companies, so many of the standard commercial insurance providers may make it more difficult or expensive to get trucking insurance for new owner-operators. Here are some of the common […]

Truck Traffic Safety Tips

How Truck Drivers Can Implement Traffic Safety Techniques

Driving a truck can be a difficult and dangerous profession, requiring a great deal of skill and responsibility for themselves and the safety of others. It is crucial for truck drivers to always use caution, best judgment, and truck traffic safety techniques. Truck Traffic Safety: Techniques on the Road Whenever possible, avoid traveling at high […]

Hazmat Truck Crash

What Happens After a Hazmat Truck Crash?

After any hazmat truck crash, it is crucial to ensure the safety of the driver and all passengers involved. As Hazmat accidents or collisions require specific protocols, those within the vehicles must follow specific steps to seek protection and minimize additional damage. Hazmat Truck Regulations There are certain regulations for those transporting hazardous materials, and […]

Truck Loading

Truck Loading: How to Best Secure Logs in a Truck Bed

It is crucial for log trucking businesses to be completely educated regarding secure truck loading methods. Working with logs can present many hazards; which is why long hauling insurance is such an important protection. However, properly securing and releasing logs, along with safe work spaces, can help prevent employee injury. Crosswise Loading The key to […]

Trucker Retention

How Trucking Operations Can Improve Retention

Trucking businesses looking to gain an edge must place a strong focus on truck driver retention. Consider the following truck driver retention best practices to help your company stay current and maintain your employees. Solicit Driver Feedback Retrieving truck driver feedback may not seem like it would make that much of an impact to get […]

Most people don't fully understand the impact trucking has on their everyday lives. However, just about everything we use on a daily basis came on a truck.

The Impact of the Trucking Driver Shortage

Trucking companies nationwide are about 60,000 drivers short, a gap that is expected to grow in the coming years and could threaten U.S. supply chains. It has been warned that driver shortages could reach six-figures by 2024. Most people don’t fully understand the impact trucking has on their everyday lives. However, just about everything we […]

Trucking industry expectations for 2020

What the Trucking Industry Can Expect This Year

The trucking industry is facing technological and business headwinds calling for proper truck insurance and a fresh outlook. Increasing operating costs, complex federal regulations and an aging workforce are the top issues for 2020. However, technology offers a new promise for the trucking industry. Increasing Operating Costs No one feels the pain of rising fuel […]

What to Do if Your Truck’s Cargo is Damaged or Lost

What to Do if Your Truck’s Cargo is Damaged or Lost

No matter what is being transported, one common problem can occur: the freight can become lost or damaged. The process for finding out who is responsible for damaged freight could take months, and discovering whether freight had been stolen or lost en route can be difficult. Shippers will never be able to prevent all instances […]

How to Load and Unload Cargo Safely and Securely

How to Load and Unload Cargo Safely and Securely

Loading and unloading goods from a truck are not as simple as they seem. It exposes the worker to hazards if they don’t follow the right loading and unloading safety procedures. To help protect your business, have truck cargo insurance in place and follow these safety measures when loading and unloading goods from a truck. […]