4 Steps to Prevent Truck Cargo Theft

4 Steps to Prevent Truck Cargo Theft

When transporting cargo is your line of business, ensuring that the cargo makes it to its destination is your top priority. However, there are unfortunately a number of things that can get in the way of successful delivery. Sometimes it is a result of human error, such as improperly secured cargo, but it can also be caused by malicious behavior, such as theft.

Companies can take a variety of steps to improve their chances of preventing cargo theft. This is a very serious and common issue, but it does not have to control your business. Take advantage of these following ideas and secure truck cargo insurance to help your business handle this growing problem.

1. Keep Drop Off Locations Confidential

Truckers may accidentally reveal information to the wrong people. Be cautious regarding what you say regarding load and destination. This ranges from CB conversations to social media. If you tell people where you are going, thieves can target you that much easier. If thieves are targeting you, they are certainly checking your online activity to gather information about your upcoming stops.  Keep your drop off locations as secret as possible.

2. Utilize Technology

There are many great tools these days for GPS tracking that can help determine a stolen vehicle’s location.  Geofencing apps send a security alarm if a vehicle travels outside its route. Utilizing vehicle immobilization technology to remotely disable a stolen vehicle until it’s recovered. 

There are several low tech devices that can be used such as padlocks, kingpin locks, air brake valves, huck bolts, and glad-hand locks or seals.  These devices can minimize intrusion and are a simple theft deterrent.

3. Be Aware of Theft Spots & the Supply Chain

Certain states and areas are known to have high theft rates. Also, theft is more likely to happen on the weekends while Friday is the most common day. The most commonly stolen commodities in the U.S. are food and beverage items followed by electronics. 

Review your supply chain partners’ security procedures and make sure you know the routes the cargo will be traveling.  It is a crucial practice to have drivers aware of their surroundings, along with training them to stay alert and notice if they are being followed. 

When parked, trucks should always be kept locked in a well-lit, secure facility.  Drivers should be aware of their surroundings even when parked. Train drivers on security practices and make sure everyone is on the same page with safety protocols. 

4. Emphasize it in Screening & Training 

Unfortunately, inside cargo theft is a growing issue that may lead to more organized crime.  Pre-employment screening of potential hires, including complete background and criminal records checks, will help lower the odds of hiring dishonest employees.  It is in your best interest to ensure that everyone obtains the same background checks, no matter the situation.    

Drivers should avoid discretionary fuel or meals for the first 200 miles after picking up a load.  Often, thieves follow the load as they are leaving the yard anticipating the driver to make an early stop.

Cargo theft is preventable when certain training procedures and safety measures are implemented. Your drivers’ safety should be the first priority when out on the road. Do what it takes to put safety first to ensure you are adequately covered in an unfortunate situation. 

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