How to Keep Trucking Cargo Protected During Long Hauls

How to Keep Trucking Cargo Protected During Long Hauls

Cargo trucks offer versatility and loads of space. Since they can be used for all types of purposes, it’s important that truck cargo stays protected wherever you go with long haul trucking insurance and careful cargo protection measures.

To avoid damage, theft and in a worst-case scenario, a total loss of your assets, you can implement the following steps.

Weather Protection 

When transporting expensive tools or a sensitive piece of machinery, you will most certainly want to prevent cargo from becoming wet. To keep everything in proper working condition, you must establish protection against outdoor elements. Depending on the load, a simple tarp may be sufficient to handle the job. If your truck cargo is more valuable, however, you may want to use a tonneau cover to extend over the entire back of the truck bed and helps prevent theft in addition to protecting your pricey belongings.

Heavy Load Preparation 

Avoid damaging your cargo by having it smash around in the truck bed!  There are tie-down anchor points that are designed to prevent this. Whether your truck comes pre-equipped with them or you install them yourself, it’s critical to consider how much weight your anchors must hold. This way you can make sure your anchor points are up for the job.

Most truck tie-downs or anchor point available for purchase will have a rated capacity, so be certain that the ones you purchase are in line with your transportation needs.

A bed rail is a great option if you feel you could benefit from additional anchor points and added security. If damage to the surface of your truck bed is a concern, you may want to install a truck bed liner. Non-skid bed liners protect the bed surface, and also keep your cargo in place, preventing it from shifting around.

Theft Protection 

Park in secure, well-lit areas that are monitored by security cameras and/or guards. At truck stops, back the truck with trailer doors against a wall to prevent opening the doors. Don’t discuss trailer contents, route, or destination with strangers, over the radio or on any social media sites. Drivers must always remain alert especially in heavily targeted truck stops and/or border crossings.

Protect your cargo with alarms, cameras, padlocks, GPS trackers and trailer wheel locks. Maintain communication with dispatch/home office and law enforcement. In situations when a truck is being followed, constant communication is vital in theft prevention and driver safety.

Vehicles should never be left unattended or with the key in the ignition. Also, bulking up security during weekends and holidays, awareness of targeted routes and truck stops, and implementing safety/security policies will aid drivers in performing their duties efficiently and safely.

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